Our Founder

Paul Benhaim

Sativa Skincare is the brainchild of Paul Benhaim, a pioneer of Hemp products and innovation for over twenty years. Paul has authored many books on Hemp and is a sought after international speaker.

1998 – 9Bar – Europe’s best selling Hemp snack food.

2012 – Hemp Foods Australia – despite Australia’s controversial food policies Hemp Foods Australia continues to grow and expand year after year.

2014 – Elixinol – one of the world’s most successful CBD Hemp Oil companies.

2016 – Sativa Skincare – the world’s first Certified Organic CBD skincare range. Paul is joined by a team of Hemp growers, scientists and skincare experts.


“Whether you are putting it in or on your body, Hemp will amaze you with results you can see and feel. The fusion of Hemp with synergistic native Australian botanicals make Sativa an extraordinary product range I hope you delight in using as much as I did creating it”


Why Hemp Skincare?

A special synergy

Over the years of producing and selling premium quality certified organic Hemp seed oil something came up time and time again – customers were using it on their skin and reporting impressive results.

Non-greasy Hemp Seed oil penetrates the skin delivering rich nourishment and moisture where it can provide the most benefit.

The move into CBD Hemp Oil with Elixinol yielded similar discoveries – people were reporting wonderful things happening to their skin. Emerging scientific research has discovered a special synergy between these two oils that results in an amplification of benefits to the skin.

“It made sense to combine the two oils and develop a skincare range. I couldn’t ignore the fact that something very special happens when these two oils come together; the life force of this amazing plant becomes fully available to the skin. People are going to love the results they see”

Why Organic?

Plants – not poison

In a landmark alliance known as Project TENDR, hundreds of scientists from around the world have come together in a consensus statement urging consumers to stop using toxic personal care products. The research warns that synthetic chemicals in skincare and other household products poison the body and can cause cancer, infertility, brain disorders and retard the intelligence of unborn children.

It can be hard for consumers to know what to choose however. Many popular skincare brands are guilty of hiding ingredients and using misleading marketing to promote toxic products as healthy.

Feel confident choosing Sativa Skincare products because your choice is backed by reputable third-party organic certification from Australian Certified Organic. Expert auditers scrutinse every aspect of our formulation and production to safeguard organic integrity.