Organic Cosmetic Set

Acne Care Value Pack

3 essential daily products for preventing breakouts

Serum | Moisturiser | Cleanser

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Product Description

Give your skin the best chance at staying clean and clear with these CBD infused face products.

Purify Hemp Cleanser – Awaken the skin of your face with this gentle yet effective non-toxic cleanser utilising the natural anti-bacterial saponins of Aloe and Sapindus Berry to cleanse purify and soften the skin leaving it ready for moisturising.

Rejuvenate Hemp Serum – There is no better way to introduce your skin to the power of Cannabidiol – Hemp’s master molecule for beautiful skin. Of all the Sativa products this pre-moisturising anti-aging serum contains the highest concentration of bio-actives.

Replenish Hemp Moisturiser – This product was designed to compliment our Rejuvenate Hemp Serum by being used immediately after the Serum. It serves to lock in and amplify the bioactives delivered by the Serum as well as providing an additional source of CBD (Cannabidiol) and Native Australian extracts. The addition of Pracaxi and Shea soften and hydrate imparting whole-day moisture and protection for the skin.



To comply with international laws our packaging lists ingredients as INCI (international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients) names instead of their common names. The amount of space didn’t permit both.

* indicates Certified Organic Ingredient