Clinical Testing

Hemp Skincare – safe for all skin types

We already know the individual ingredients we use in our hemp skincare products are safe, non-toxic and non-irritating before we begin working on a new product.

To confirm that the finished blend of ingredients meets clinical standards for skin safety SATIVA™ employs specialised dermatological testing under strict FDA-approved laboratory conditions.

The testing is conducted on humans only – no animal testing.

Video – See an example of how the testing is conducted.

Crueltly Free

Clear: skin and conscience

Animal testing is cruel and unnecessary, especially when using safe natural plant-based ingredients as we do. If the ingredients we use weren’t safe enough to test on ourselves – we wouldn’t use them.

We satisfy European Cosmetics Directive (76/768 ECC), European Commission Regulation (1223/2009) and a Choose Cruelty Free audit ensuring our suppliers don’t animal-test their ingredients, even those we don’t buy.

VIDEO – An investigation by Choice exposes false cruelty-free claims.

Carbon Neutral

Sustainable Skincare

It’s no secret that plastic packaging produces significant greenhouse gas emissions. To address this issue SATIVA has taken sustainability to a new level with Carbon Neutral packaging and manufacturing.

To produce the Hemp oils that go into SATIVA products requires a lot of Hemp plants. The amount of CO2 those plants remove from the air exceeds the emissions resulting from manufacturing our packaging.

Furthermore, all SATIVA skincare products are manufactured in an Australian facility powered entirely by green energy that offsets 110% of the carbon emissions from manufacturing.

Another world first for SATIVA.



Plant Powered

If using animal parts to make skincare ingredients doesn’t raise your eyebrows, how about using human parts?

“Stem cell” skin products are growing in popularity around the world however consumers may not be aware that the stem cell factors used to make those products come from fat or bone marrow that has been harvested from human bodies or even human embryos.

Why resort to such macabre practices when plant extracts can ethically achieve the same or better results?

Rest assured, SATIVA Skincare is certified organic and entirely plant based (Excludes Lip Balm).